Daily Inspiration: Meet Luis Jimenez

Today we’d like to introduce you to Luis Jimenez. Them and their team share their story with us below:

His photography is different, risky, dreamy and positive. When he takes his camera he knows precisely that he does not seek the apparent and as a good publicist, he always manages to capture what is essentially differentiating.

He investigates and feels some energy in every detail and this makes each of his proposals unconventional. This is Luis Ernesto Jiménez Rauseo, a Venezuelan with Maracayan roots and a Valencian spirit who discovered his passion and a versatile style in the visual arts.

Upon completing his high school studies at the Cristo Rey College, he continues his professional training at the Antonio Ricaurte University Institute of Technology, where he obtains the title of Technician in Advertising and Marketing. He soon began to reap the benefits in this area which he combined with marketing and corporate event production for companies such as Polar, Clorox, L ’Oréal, and Procter & Gamble.

In the mighty mountains of Henri Pittier National Park he encountered love at first sight: Photography.

Since then, that passion has been reciprocal and at the Studio of Lighting and Photography Academy in Maracay he gave his yes to light, the diaphragm and photographic language.

However, by not joining in the silence and indifference to the serious humanitarian crisis in his country, the pressure and persecution soon began, trying to silence his voice. So far from surrendering to the complaint, he decides to emigrate with his family. Melancholic but strengthened in the hope of a new beginning, he arrives in the United States.

In the images, he shows his altruistic soul and constant disposition to self-taught learning. He believes in collaborative work and bets on win-win with a simple scheme, he does not like repetitive angles but unique images, which he brings to life with his prodigious lens, after feeling what he wants to do imperishable with the right shot his accomplice his Nikon D-3100.

His responsibility, the passion with which he assumes each of his photographic sessions and his audiovisual work always accompany him are his best letter of introduction.

Thus he arrived in Miami in 2014, climbing dreams in the coverage of social events with collaborations for Univisión, El Venezolano TV, among other media. He currently resides in

Austin, Texas where he continues to contribute images to his great portfolio as a photographer of social events and musical groups, which celebrate his joviality and unstoppable creativity.

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